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My focus is custom-made graphic design, web design and branding with a unique, professional look and readable content. I aim for straight-forward, attractive and affordable websites, promotional material, and logos, and cater to businesses and individuals looking to launch their presence or brand.

For information about the process, different packages available and prices, click here.

Download: My CV.

If you're interested in working together, drop me a line: joliverdesigns@gmail.com.


Storyslingers Promo

Client: Storyslingers Creative Writing Group
Job: Graphic Design
About: Non-profit promo poster for Storyslingers, a creative writing group based in North Dorset.
Brief: The posters would be put onto busy notice boards in local community centres so they needed to be eye-catching. It was important that the poster had a modern look but with a fantastical feel that would appeal to readers and writers of genre fiction. Click the preview to see the full version.

Refrain poster

Client: V. A. Cates
Job: Graphic Design
About: Non-profit promo poster for author V. A. Cates, for her story "Refrain" which is to be published by Circlet Press in their "Like a Spell" anthology, 2016.
Brief: The design brief was to feature potions in some way, give it a dash of magic, and feature the tagline. Click the preview to see the full version.

Business Card Design

Client: J. Oliver Designs
Job: Business Card Design / Graphic Design
About: A redesign of my business cards for 2015/2016. Features typography on the reverse.

District Spice Preview

Client: District Spice
Job: Web Design
About: District Spice is DC-based company who hand-make delicious, salt-free spice blends.
Brief: Clean, friendly and easy to navigate, and implement the colours from their original logo (black, red, and white/neutral).

Jennifer K. Oliver Preview

Client: Jennifer K. Oliver
Job: Graphic & Web Design
About: Jennifer K. Oliver is a speculative fiction writer, dealing mostly in speculative YA novels and fantasy, sci-fi and horror short stories.
Brief: The design brief was an easy to navigate website that gave social media priority, with a quirky style and bright accent colour.

Shuffle Story Preview

Client: Jennifer K. Oliver
Job: Graphic Design
About: Non-profit promo poster for my short horror story Shuffle, published at Kaleidotrope magazine (summer 2015 issue).
Brief: The poster features stock photography of a woman edited by me in Photoshop to look like a zombie, with a post-apocalyptic background. Click the preview to see the full poster.

TasteBook Reviews Logo

Client: Tara Popp
Job: Logo Design
About: One of a handful of logos made for Seoul-based food reviewer Tara Popp. Click the preview to see an alternative version.

Wholistica Aromatherapy Logo

Client: Wholistica Aromatherapy
Job: Logo Design
About: Wholistica Aromatherapy is a one-woman business committed to offering holistic therapeutic products that support physical, emotional, and energetic well-being.
Brief: Company owner Jaime asked for a clean, elegant logo design. The key thing here was to highlight the fact that Jaime uses all-natural products in her remedies. She originally sent me a photo of a lotus flower that she liked, so I used it within the text, giving her logo a gentle and nature-based look. Click the preview to see the full image.

Death Car Alley Poster

Client: Jennifer K. Oliver
Job: Graphic Design
About: Non-profit promo poster made to accompany my short horror story Death Car Alley, published at Jersey Devil Press in 2012. Click the preview to see the full image.

Tara Popp Blog Logo

Client: Tara Popp
Job: Logo Design
About: Logos made originally for Tara Popp's blog header. Click the preview to see the initials version.

Framing Website

Client: Simon Keyte
Job: Web Design
About: Designed and built for a Dorset-based picture framing company. Simon has since merged his website with his partner Jenny, so the original design I made is no longer online.
Brief: Minimal, light and clean. You can see a screenshot of the website by clicking the teaser image above.


Client: Storyslingers / Jennifer K. Oliver
Job: Graphic Design
About: Promotional posters and flyers for writers, including a few that feature flash fiction as samples.
Brief: To create striking promo material for authors belonging to the Storyslingers writing group. This included sourcing appropriate images to showcase flash fiction and micro-fiction. Click the teaser to see more.

Personal Projects

I have a number of creative and crafty hobbies and interests. These are just a few of them...

Comic Book Shoes

Comic Book Shoes: After becoming interested in decoupage, I decided to pair it with my main passion in life: shoes. This pair features your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. Click the preview to see the work-in-progress.

Nail Polishes

Nail Polish / Eyeshadow: Often when you buy a set of eyeshadows or a collection of nail polishes, there are one or two colours you're not as keen on. These generally get thrown away in the end. In an attempt to be cost-effective, I decided to make only colours I would use. Click the preview for close ups.


Jewellery: These make superb gifts for family and friends during holidays and birthdays. Also a great way to accessorise for an occasion. (My local beadery is amazing.)

Origami Stories

Origami Stories: Exactly what it says on the tin. These are short or micro stories printed out and folded into stand-up / pop-up origami constructs. They make unique gifts.

About J. Oliver: I'm a freelance web designer and speculative fiction writer based in Dorset, UK. I started making personal site and blog layouts in 2005 as a hobby, but over the years I became more involved in the process and took courses in CSS and HTML. Eventually I decided it was time to reach out to other people who are looking to put their personal stamp on the web, and in early 2010 J. Oliver Designs was born.

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